Spiritual Health Scale –(SHS)

The outstanding aspect of this tool is to find out the probability of Learning Disability of the children with 80% sensitivity1 and 65% specificity2. The LDST recognizes children with Learning Disability scientifically and accurately. The tools that are available in the market now, do not have exclusive criterions for mentally and physically handicapped children. Whereas this test includes both, without any additional charges.

1 – Sensitivity = ability of a test to correctly identify those with the condition.
2 – Specificity =ability of the test to correctly identify those without the condition.


Dr. Shabnam Qayoom and Prof. Akbar Husain Set contg. 100 Consumable Booklets and Manual

Languages : English/ Hindi

Purpose : To measure Spiritual Health
Spiritual Health Scale (SHS): standardized spiritual health scale based on the sample 200 MBBS and 200 BUMS students. This scale has 22 items with 5 point Likert rating scale. Five dimensions of SHS were found on the basis of factor analysis. They are: Reflective-Insightful Behaviour, Spiritual Thriving Exercise, Enriched Beingness, Steady Lifestyle and Contented Leaning. Internal consistency and factorial validity with varimax rotation was determined. The SHS is a reliable and valid measure of health in students’ population. It can be used for research purpose in the area of health-related studies, assessment of spiritual health, counselling, and health maintenance behaviour.


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