Psychological Resilience Scale for Youth (PRSY)

The outstanding aspect of this tool is to find out the probability of Learning Disability of the children with 80% sensitivity1 and 65% specificity2. The LDST recognizes children with Learning Disability scientifically and accurately. The tools that are available in the market now, do not have exclusive criterions for mentally and physically handicapped children. Whereas this test includes both, without any additional charges.

1 – Sensitivity = ability of a test to correctly identify those with the condition.
2 – Specificity =ability of the test to correctly identify those without the condition.


Psychological Resilience Scale for Youth (PRSY):

By Rizwan Hassan Bhat and Dr. S.M. Khan (Age Range-19 to 25 years) Set contg. 100 Consumable Booklets and Manual
Languages : English/ Hindi

Purpose of the Test-This scale is designed to help researchers and practitioners to assess the ability of Resilience Short Description-This scale helps to measure ability of resilience in general. It has 21 items and Likert type, 5-point responses, viz., Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Uncertain, Agree and Strongly Agree. The scale provides measures
of five empirically derived dimensions of Resilience and is self-perception, single-mindedness, task-oriented, organized and self-
restraint. Reliability, validity and norms, based on responses from 300 youths, have shown that the resilience scale has highly satisfactory psychometric characteristics.


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